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The WaterFront Center
The Center for Marine Education and Recreation at Oyster Bay, known as the WaterFront Center (WFC), is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to educate people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds so they can become active stewards of the marine environment, and to promote community sailing and other environmentally friendly ways to enjoy the waters of Oyster Bay, NY. The WFC needed a fresh new approach to its existing website and enlisted our help. They needed an attractive and easily navigable website with lots of photos that featured all of their education courses, summer, school and sailing programs, sailboat and kayak rentals, private charters and corporate events. Most importantly they needed an online regsitration system for all of their courses that accepted payments online too. In addition, they needed the ability to receive donations online and give visitors the option of signing up for their newsletter. Finally, the scrolling newsflash system gives visitors a quick glance at recent events and important tips from the WFC. The program registration and newsflash system have been programmed to be self-administerable via a password-protected back-end system so that WFC staff can view and modify program registrations and add news items whenever needed.

"The new website is really great. Fresh and informative. Google is going to LOVE it!"       - Jamie Deming, President, The WaterFront Center

"BHP was extremely responsive, thorough and imaginative throughout the entire process. The result is a website that captures what we do and who we are. We look forward to continuing our relationship with BHP as our needs evolve."       - David L. Waldo, Executive Director, The WaterFront Center
The WaterFront Center
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myMTG Cards
myMTG Cards is a resource for Magic: The Gathering® Collectors, Players and/or Sellers. Registered users are granted complete unrestricted access to a Card Search utility, allowing them to search for and find every single MTG card ever printed from Alpha Edition all the way to the most recent Scars of Mirrodin set. For a fee, users also are able to use the Inventory feature, giving them the ability to easily enter and store their entire MTG collection and analyze its worth with current market values. For another fee, they are granted access to a visual Deck Builder featuring deck analyzing charts and random test draws. Finally, users may sign up as a Seller and begin selling their cards through the user-based store. All payments are secured using PayPal's ecommerce tools and IPN system.
myMTG cards
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Akke Poker Tables
It began with a deal between Akke Functional Art and World Poker Tour Enterprises. Owner of Akke, Axel Yberg, would design and construct a one-of-a-kind poker table destined to be a prize for the World Poker Tour's (WPT) Season XI Player of the Year. A fine table such as this needed a fine web site to display it and also to garner interest from prospective buyers of new tables. Collaborating with Axel on the details, BHP was able to produce a web site that was worthy of such an amazing work of art as this poker table.

"BHP was able to integrate seamlessly into my existing akke brand websites by completely understanding the nuances of my design aesthetic. In addition, they were a pleasure to work with -- always accessible and very quick to get things done."       - Axel Yberg, owner of Akke Functional Art
Akke Poker Tables
Gallery 37
After working with Axel Yberg on the Akke Poker Tables web site, he asked us to get involved in making the site for a new gallery he was putting together called Gallery 37. Gallery 37 is located in the historic, waterfront village of Northport, New York, on the North Shore of Long Island. They are a dynamic and innovative cooperative of six artists, whose work includes both functional art — furniture and ceramics — and fine art — painting and sculpture. The unifying theme is an emphasis on modern aesthetics. BHP was happy to help make it happen.

"This was my second time working with BHP -- and, incredibly, it was twice as enjoyable. We had numerous highly productive discussions throughout the process; each one of these give-and-takes led to a better design than the initial idea. I look forward to continuing to work together on many new projects."       - Axel Yberg, owner of Akke Functional Art & creator of Gallery 37
Gallery 37
Poker Team Bankroll
Poker Team Bankroll introduces a new concept in poker bankrolling using teams created by home game players. Using this free service, any group of people that typically play poker together, anywhere in the world, can create a team, invite their buddies, set tournament goals, track their home game team and individual stats, make contributions to their team bankroll and distribute their points among their team goals, view the team's progress toward their goals, post to the team message board, post links and photos, and more. Home game poker players are using this website all over the world to transform their home game into an enterprising team effort to buy in to major poker tournaments and share in the winnings.
Poker Team Bankroll
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The Ride Finder
The Ride Finder is the authority in collectible, exotic and luxury autos. They are an auto brokerage specializing in the location and logistics of getting people the vehicle of their dreams. They needed a clean modern design with Flash that delivered the message about who they are and what they do. In addition they needed a secure form so people could contact them about exactly what car they are looking for. We delivered on point and on schedule.

"We love it! This is exactly what we had in mind, but way better! Thank you so much for getting us up and going quickly too."       - Craig Winters, President, The Ride Finder
The Ride Finder
Brochure    Flash is a searchable online directory of home and personal service-based businesses in your area, rated and reviewed by real consumers. Utilizing this directory, you will be able to find, say, the landscapers or wedding planners or day camps within X miles of your town, sorted by name, distance, or highest rating. Consumer ratings and review will then help you make a more informed decision about which service is best for you. Advertisers are able to administer their listing information as well as manage special marketing features such as photo upload, calendar items, a customer relationship manager (CRM), rating and review system and more.

"This is an amazing consumer information tool and an invaluable marketing tool for service-based businesses! It is intuitive, attractive and very very useful!"       - staff
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Professional Group Marketing
PGM is a NY General Insurance Agency with over 25 years of experience in the group medical, dental, life, vision, AD&D, DBL, STD and LTD insurance industry. has a brochure interface that showcases their products and services, market area, management team, staff members and contact info where visitors can also fill out a form to request more information. PGM's clients have individual password protected access to their confidential commission reports and can complete a personalized Request For Quote that is sent directly to their PGM Rep. The site also links in to an application that allows visiting brokers to run physician searches, retrieve forms and documents and run small group health insurance quotes in NY and NJ. A PGM administrator can log in and keep their client list and staff info up to date as well as manage their integrated document system which allows them to keep their brokers constantly in-the-know with the latest industry news and marketing collateral.

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The Geranium Farm
The Geranium Farm is an organization started by Barbara Cawthorne Crafton, spiritual director and author. The site focuses on conveying her spiritual message, which she calls her "Almost Daily eMo", to thousands of visitors almost every day. The Almost Daily eMo's, which are written the day they are sent, are stored and displayed on the site, in both text and audio form, and then emailed to the impressive subscriber list that grows by about 20 new people every day from people signing up at the site. A secure, password-protected self-administration feature allows Barbara to write and send these messages to her subscribers on her own, as well as add, edit and delete items in her "Happenings" list. In addition to accepting donations through the site, visitors can communicate with each other on the message board, and start vigils by lighting virtual candles along with prayers that "burn" as long as specified. The site also boasts a bookstore featuring 30 books for sale, including 11 of her own - orders and payments are accepted through the site.

"Barbara, your new web site is awesome... captures so much of your personality... yet in that wonderful forward way of cyberspace... excellent... excellent."       - Aleta Shipley, eMo reader
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Ernexo Consulting
Ernexo Consulting is a corporation designed to provide individuals and businesses with the resources, expertise and knowledge to generate extraordinary results! They have helped clients across a wide range of industries achieve higher levels of performance and long-lasting results. They can supply detailed information on franchises that cannot be found on typical business pathways, including down-payments, royalty fees, territory availability, financial assistance, and much more.
Mike Roethgen
Mike Roethgen is a Long Island, NY singer, songwriter and performer that was in need of an online presence to showcase his music, provide samples and try to sell some of his work. He also needed to inform his fans of his whereabouts for performances and show pictures of events. BHP was able to provide everything he needed, including song samples, lyrics, downloads, a mailing list sign-up, photos and even a video.
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The Montpelier Chamber Orchestra Society
From its beginning, the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra Society has offered unique training and performing opportunities for talented string players in the Central Vermont area. MCOS already had a web site (see BEFORE) but it was in dire need of renovations. BHP did a complete redesign of the entire site (see AFTER) and added e-commerce via PayPal to enable online ticket sales and donations.

"Great! MCOS online has never been so good! It's a great job and if I hear of anyone looking for any website work, you can be sure you will come highly recommended!"
- Cathleen M. Cameron, Violin II, MCOS and Journal Clerk, Vermont House of Representatives
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